TransMeter was created for the needs of the SmartCharge project. The Lehtojärvi pilot consists of an energy metering system which was designed to be wireless. TransMeter’s part in this system is to provide a link between the scattered meters and the wireless LoRaWAN network.

The main usage for the TransMeter is to read the data bus (UART/RS-485/Modbus) from an energy meter and transmit the data to a gateway using the LoRaWAN network. It can also be used to read any device communicating with the previously mentioned buses. There’s also additional means for the wireless communication which are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The system consists of a bidirectional Energy Meter between Electric Vehicles and Energy Vehicle Supply Equipment and the Power Grid. The measurements are transmitted wirelessly to a gateway over LoRaWAN network using the TEQU TransMeter device. This gateway is connected to the internet and the data is processed and visualised in a cloud environment.

The Making of The TransMeter

The TransMeter is part of SmartCharge, a public development project to develop new information about the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)-solutions commercial and technical possibilities and challenges with two pilot targets. SmartCharge is a project led by Lapland University of Applied Sciences and is implemented in cooperation with the Narvik campus of the University of Norway (UiT Universitet i Tromsø). It has an Interreg Nord ERDF funding granted by the Regional Council of Lapland.