At Lehtojärvi pilot site data is collected from energy consumption and production. Monitored parameters include eg. consumed energy during electric snowmobiles charging, energy transferred to grid from electric snowmobile batteries and solar power production at the site. The main measurement devices consist of two-way energy meters, and the data is collected with a TransMeter device developed in Lapland UAS laboratory during the SmartCharge project. TransMeter sends collected data to a LoRaWAN station that forwards it to Lapland UAS cloud platform via 4G mobile data connection. In the could platform, real-time energy flows and the history of collected data from the pilot site are then visualized on a website.

Project tasks at the pilot site:

  • Installation of the measurement devices and base station, fall 2020
  • Solar panel data acquisition commissioning, fall 2020
  • Pilot site data acquisition launch, fall 2020->
  • Installation of the V2G charging station, fall 2021
  • Implementation of the pilot site visualization application, spring 2022
  • Field testing of the two-way energy transfer with V2G charging station and electric snowmobiles, spring 2022

The collected data can be viewed through Smartcharge App. New users are first directed to register and request permission for use from the administrator.

Pictures from the pilot site during project