The aim of the project is to reduce carbon emissions by promoting the capabilities of electronic mobility. Electricity charging stations are a prerequisite for the generalisation of electronic transport. At the same time, by developing a charging network that works from the customer’s point of view, the use of electric cars and vehicles will improve, making the purchase of electric vehicles a real option.

The purpose of the project is to investigate the need for electric charging stations from the perspective of municipalities and companies. Municipalities are responsible for zoning and enable the construction of subcharging stations by zoning suitable locations for charging stations. Therefore, the primary target group of the project is municipalities that are able to coordinate the construction of a charging network in their area.

As a result of the project, the need for a network of charging stations will be investigated from the perspective of the municipality, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. At the same time, a plan for the optimal structure of the charging station network and the order in which the charging stations should be erected will be commissioned as a consultant. The project will result in recommendations on the principles and measures for the construction of the Lapland electric charging station network.

Lapcharge is an ERDF-funded public development project led by Lapland University of Applied Sciences and its funding has been applied for from the Regional Council of Lapland.

The total budget of the project is 99 950 €. The project will be implemented between 01.02.2019 and 30.06.2021.