In Kilpiaapa, located in the municipality of Pelkosenniemi, we installed an off-grid livestream system on behalf of the commission. The camera captures the life of Finland’s ten largest swamp aapasuo 24/7. The camera sends video material live online and to Pelkosenniemi Health Centre and Service Home Onnela. The live broadcast started May 6, 2020.

There is no electrity in Kilpiaapa. First thing to do was measure the right energy solution to location. The most interesting thing about the project from our point of view was the decentralised energy solution, because previously there has been no concrete testing ground from them. Kilpiaapa is a good place to test distributed energy production under the right conditions. For Kilpiaapa, the energy is obtained with at solar panel and a methanol fuel cell.

Livestream was brainstormed by “Our kilpiaapa -project” and the camera was installed with the support of Leader Northern Lapland Ry. TEQU was responsible for the implementation of the technology as a pilot.

Apologies to the audience, but the project has ended, which means that the livestream camera system only works occasionally with the power of solar panels.