The Fish IoT project aim is to answer the research question of how to create business opportunities for Companies in Lapland using machine vision and object recognition in challenging natural conditions. IoT and artificial intelligence offer unforesthible opportunities to understand existing phenomena and develop solutions to ensure sustainable development.

In the big picture, the project aim is to preserve biodiversity, the welfare of animals (aquatic animals), the continuity of livelihoods and the creation of new business. The project will help promote the export of Lapland and Finnish companies, as technology-based IoT solutions have been brought into practice in water environments.

The aim of the project is develop a machine vision-based solution for the identification of unique fish and animals, to create IoT entity that enables the system to collect data in the ilvi service environment, classify animals by using artificial intelligence and with developable algorithms provide a user interface for data viewing. The novelty value of the project comes from the identification of unique animal individuals and the rising export potential of the industry.

The project has received 254 675 € from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is subject to the conditions for Structural Fund funding associated with this decision. The project will be implemented between 01.08.2020 and 31.05.2022.