The tourism boom is sparking interest among Lapland builders in developing new low-carbon and energy-efficient building concepts. Could a public actor help a number of Lappish companies boost construction and its ancillary services and products? Could the solutions and policies developed to meet the demand for tourism be used to promote exports? CoolBox project of the TEQU concept of Lapland University of Applied Sciences presents new solutions to improve the vitality of companies in Lapland.

Give us a hand in developing new solutions for sustainable, short-term accommodation and usage!

We are particularly interested in the thoughts of possible end users – i.e. You.

Our goal is to create a holistic picture of the future potential, needs and noteworthy issues related to micro buildings. . All kinds of ideas are warmly welcome! Based on the information, we will create new kinds of small-building solutions and practical experiments that support locality and sustainability. The end results are public and free to use.

Between the respondents, we will award 3 pcs of € 20 S Group gift cards by lottery. It takes about 10 minutes to answer the survey. The survey is answered anonymously. Thanks for your help in advance!

Results of the Project

The main outcome of the project will consist of innovative concepts for micro-housing and 10 prototypes:

  • Microhouse
  • Digital Twin of the building
  • Off-Grid technology box
  • Design prototype
  • HVAC product prototype
  • Energy simulation prototype
  • Renewable energy prototype
  • AR-prototype
  • AI/Robotics prototype
  • Social media prototype

Each prototype is also analyzed from the business opportunity point of view.

Duration of the project: 3.8.2020 – 30.12.2022
More information: Project Manager Riku Närhi | +358 40 635 4272 |

The total budget of the project is 630 120 €, from which the Regional Council of Lapland has admitted European Regional Development (ERDF) and government funding for 504 096 €