The idea for the prototype came from Tornio based company Ilme Innorooms. The entrepreneur wanted to create a solution to prepare food at campfire easily and eco-friendly without worrying of burning the meal and of creating lot of trash using folio and paperware. The focus on creating the prototype was to allow anyone to cook with campfire and have the positive feeling of success with green values! The entrepreneur had a concept to prevent the burning, but needed help especially with the design, functionality and usability.

Prototyped solution

Removable handle is used to open the prototype to check if your cooking is ready. To mix the food just turn the prototype upside down, this ensures even cooking. The gripping-part of the handle is made out of wood to ensure safe use as it does not get burning hot. Locking mechanism keeps the parts together and makes the mixing possible. Thin stainless-steel cools fast and is ideal for the camping purpose as it’s durable and allows you to pack your backpack in no time.

Handle can be stored inside the box for compact carry. Spices and food can also be stored inside. This is convenient when travelling light and there is no room to spare.

Making of the HiillosBoxi

The HiillosBoxi prototype is part of e-Sprint, a public development project aiming to boost local entrepreneurship. e-Sprint is managed by Lapland University of Applied Sciences and it has an ERDF funding granted by the Regional Council of Lapland.