The idea for the prototype came from Rovaniemi based Roll Outdoors. The entrepreneurs wanted to create a solution to make longer hikes with electric bikes. One of their value is that the breath-taking nature is a privilege that anyone should have a chance to experience. Electric bikes are the key for this, since they make longer hikes possible regardless of your physical strength. Main focus to solve the problem, was the charging. It’s just that there is no electricity network in the wilderness. The entrepreneurs needed help with the technology part but also the design and usability were the key to success.

Prototyped solution

Latausmaja produces energy with solar panels and stores it to the large batteries. It creates enough energy for over dozen bikes to get extra boost per day. The shape and the size of the prototype provides a shelter for the user and a stand for a bike. There are no fees for the user, Latausmaja provides green renewable energy for your joy for free!

The frame is designed to be CNC-machined from waterproof plywood for fast production and maintenance free prototype. Harsh conditions in Finnish Lapland wilderness are a real test for materials, that’s why they need to be carefully selected and tested to ensure long life cycle for possible product

Inspiration for the design came from traditional Lappish cottages. The shape has optimal angle for the solar panels to produce maximum energy through the season. Electronics are packed on the other side of the prototype, allowing the user to take a shelter inside. The shape reduces snow-buildup and allows height for compact size.

The making of LatausMaja

The LatausMaja prototype is part of e-Sprint, a public development project aiming to boost local entrepreneurship. e-Sprint is managed by Lapland University of Applied Sciences and it has an ERDF funding granted by the Regional Council of Lapland.