The pilot sites consist of local operators, which have their own solar power production and are located in different parts of Lapland. Current total capacity of the installed solar panels in the pilot sites is 960.92 kWp. Individual capacities for the pilot sites start from couple of peak kilowatts to couple of hundreds peak kilowatts. Electric power production of the sites is measured and the data is saved in database on Lapland UAS servers. 

Details of the pilot sites

In the drop-down menu you can find more information about the pilot sites involved in the project. The data has been retrieved from the project’s open Solarctic API.

Relative sizes of pilot sites

The largest two are Pellopuu and Jounin Kauppa, which together account for 2/3 of total capacity. There are 17 pilot sites in total, the relative sizes of which are shown in the pie chart below.