The pilot sites consist of local operators, which have their own solar power production and are located in different parts of Lapland. Current total capacity of the installed solar panels in the pilot sites is 957.26 kWp. Individual capacities for the pilot sites start from couple of peak kilowatts to couple of hundreds peak kilowatts. Electric power production of the sites is measured and the data is saved in database on Lapland UAS servers. 

Pellopuu (Pello)

  • Total installed capacity 320.88 kWp
  • Roof 243.6 kWp at 45° angle for optimum production
  • Wall 77.28 kWp at 90° angle for minimizing snow accumulation

Neve (Rovaniemi)

  • Viirinkangas, installed capacity 18.3 kWp
  • Ounasmetsä, installed capacity 12.2 kWp
    • V2G capable charging station
  • Palkisentie, installed capacity 9.15 kWp
  • Korkalovaara primary school, installed capacity 1.53 kWp

Das Kelo (Rovaniemi)

  • Installed capacity 12.4 kWp
  • Sonnen battery for energy storage

Lapland UAS (Rovaniemi)

  • Installed capacity 11 kWp
  • Sonnen and Fronius battery packs for energy storages
  • Fronius OhmPilot for intelligent water heating from surplus solar power
  • V2G capable charging station

Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass Igloos (Rovaniemi, Sinettä)

  • Installed capacity 42 kWp

Kemi SnowCastle (Kemi)

  • Installed capacity 118.16 kWp

Kemin Energia Oy (Kemi)

  • Installed capacity 31.2 kWp

Lapland UAS (Kemi)

  • Installed capacity 3.36 kWp

Wellevi (Kittilä)

  • Installed capacity 6.4 kWp

Jounin Kauppa (Äkäslompolo)

  • Installed capacity 292.68 kWp

K-market Kirsikka (Tornio)

  • Installed capacity 56 kWp


  • Lokka fishing port 15 kW
  • Porttipahta fishing port 7 kW