In a district heating hybrid, one or more local heating solutions are installed alongside district heating. These can be various types of heat pump solutions, micro CHP, electric heaters or solar collectors. Digital twin of the district heating hybrid which is abbreviated in Finnish as KLH. The user can define the desired building type according to building standards of different eras, test the addition of local heating solutions alongside district heating and see the calculated financial impact compared to district heating alone. The KLH application allows you to compare district heating and three different hybrid solutions: geothermal, water-to-air heat pump and exhaust air heat pump.

Download KLH Digital Twin

An application compressed to zip archive, that can be downloaded to your computer. Works on a sufficiently powerful computer as a desktop version or with VR headset. Information of the downloadable file and file checksum can be seen on the box below.

Size: 296639669 bytes (282 MiB)
SHA256: 12f40afe8787129a4ea419519cf46133575f589cc3a6d78c895ff427a730972b

Get Source Code

Most of the game’s source codes are MIT licensed and are available from Github repository link above.