Air-to-water heat pump transfers heat from the outside air to water, which then can be used to heat your home radiators or use as hot water source. The acronym UVLP comes from Finnish words for outside air-to-water heat pump and the game is named after that. The game is made with Unity 3D engine and with it you can practice typical scenarios in virtual reality, such as

  • Tutorial
  • Water filter
  • Pressure adjustment
  • Water leakage
  • Digital manifold pressure tester

Download UVLP Digital Twin

Compressed zip archive, with a Windows executable inside. System requirements are a PC with a Steam VR compatible VR headset. Game has been tested with following VR headsets:

  • HTC Vive Pro HMD + HTC Vive Controller
  • HTC Vive Cosmos HMD + Vive Cosmos Controller
  • Oculus Rift S HMD + Oculus Touch Controller

Information of the downloadable file and file checksum can be seen on the box below.

Size: 578495442 bytes (551 MiB)
SHA256: 440b250afd04f6c00c50410cdac8fa5ad6d5b85096f15e5b9e6bbdd891fc27a5

Get Source Code

Most of the game’s source codes are MIT licensed and are available from Github repository link above.